Saturday, November 14, 2009

4 Encaustics

I'm really loving this medium. The possibilities seem endless! I particularly love the way the colors blend as I fuse the wax. Such wonderful surprises.

I'm finding that I like the R&F brand of paints and medium more than the Enkaustikos...these are the only two I've tried so far. The R&F has a wonderful smooth consistency and seems to not harden quite as fast, which give me seconds more working time. Might not seem like much but it really does impact how the wax goes down. I've also found that they blend quite differently. I find the R&F more workable. We'll see if I still feel the same way after the workshop next weekend.

Here are my most recent paintings that I think are finished. The first two have shellac burns. They create some wonderful textures.


Merle Plagge said...

These are great, Deb. And, you're having too much fun on top of producing pieces. These all look small--is that a characteristic of encaustic? I can't ever remember seeing a large piece done in encaustic. Maybe you could go over some of the steps in the process, for us that have never even though of doing it. --Merle

Deb Townsend said...

Thanks so much Merle. I am having too much fun! They are all 8"x8". Most of the encaustics I've seen online are on the smaller side...14" or so, but I've seen some really large ones. I don't have the room for the large ones, that's for sure. I will post about the procedure with some links. It's an interesting process. I know I have lots to learn and can't wait to take the workshop.

Randy Carboni said...

Hi Deb, good to see you back in the game :-)

These look great. And like fun too.