Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stubborn Kitty

Gil came home from work today and put the laptop away, leaving the case on the end table. Leapy has fallen in love with the case over the past few days and sleeps on it. Well today, Sweetface got there first. Leapy was on the couch, very annoyed. She finally decided to try to regain her territory. It seemed like a good idea, but stubborn boy that he is, Sweetface would not give in and leave, so they slept like this for a couple of hours! I just love these two so much! They're so much fun. They turned 7 months old on Election Day. Hard to believe! The time has gone by so fast.


deborah kirby said...

Adorable! You are right, they have grown so much -- time just flies by.

Deb Townsend said...

Deb, they've been so wonderful in helping me grieve my Annie. I still miss her so much and it's amazing how both of these little monsters have some of her traits that I loved so much. And they moved right it and stole my heart! :)

Anonymous said...

These two are just too cute for words!