Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meet my new girls....

Lily is in the front and Abigail is behind her. Both are about they same size and they're sisters. The boys are in quite a snit but they'll get over it! :)

Lily is very sweet and purrs a lot. Abigail is sweet too, but she's also tough and I see her as ruling the roost once they all get past the initial struggles and she tames the boys.

Right now they're sticking close to Gil, their new daddy. He's playing his xBox and they're sitting behind him and peeking out to check out the guys. It'll be a fun adventure! I was pretty sure I wouldn't get another black and white kitten because it would be too much like my Annie, but Lily really grabbed my heart today, so here we are! And I had asked Gil the other day about what if I wanted two! He said,"TWO!" Then he said, "I don't care!" He's such a sucker! LOL!

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Kate said...

They are adorable! From this picture, I can totally see Abigail whipping those boys into shape. She will rule! Ahh, I'm so jealous. I want a pet for my time at school. A dog is too much work, but I don't know if I really have the money in my budget to spoil a kitty the way I want. I miss my Chessie too.

Even back in CIA days, we all said how well Gil knew and loved you due to all he put up with! He is such a wonderful man. And I love the image of the new kitties hiding behind him.