Sunday, June 15, 2008

Imagine my surprise when I came home from church today and found Lily sleeping in almost the exact position as my Annie used to sleep, as round as she could be. She's a real cutie and woke me up this morning buy swatting my nose.

This afternoon as Gil and I enjoyed a movie, Lily and Abigail got comfy on the back of the couch. Every now and then they would rearrange a bit and fall right back asleep. I have a feeling they're so well rested that I won't get any sleep tonight! LOL!

They are getting more brave with the boys, who are still in a bit of a snit. There's less hissing and growling today, so that's good. Lily actually went nose to nose with both Lukey and Moses. Luke let out a huge hiss and Lily just sat right there and didn't budge. The guys are in for a challenging time, I think!

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