Friday, May 16, 2008

Moses and Nort

Most of the time Moses, Annie's son, is a real sweetie. But, he seems to have multiple personality disorder. When he gets agitated, he starts to snort, gets fresh and growls. This behavior has earned his alter ego the nickname "Nort the Snort."

As I've been grieving my Annie, Moses has been some comfort, but yesterday when he was all love and purrs and all of a sudden, without warning, there was Nort, fresh and hissing! I know he misses her too but it's not a real comfort when he does that and it seems to be happening more lately.

So with all this going on with Mo, my DH, Gil, said if I wanted to get a kitten, it would be ok with him. Of course my Annie can never be replaced and I don't want to rush into getting a new kitten, but we are going to start looking and we'll get one when the time is right. There is a place where Gil delivers to that has several cats and often has kittens that Gil has said are really nice. So he's going to see if any of the girls are pregnant. I want a female when the time comes. We'll see.

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