Friday, May 16, 2008

Missing My Girl....

This painting of my Annie was done by Jane, a friend from an art website. She captured her so beautifully.

I've never had a cat like Annie before. I've had ones that are very special, but nothing to compare with the depth of our bond all these years. She was always conscious of what I was doing. She could appear to be in a sound sleep, but if I moved or left the room, there she was, following me wherever I would go. She would anticipate my moods, comfort me when I was sad, stay by my side and care for me when I was sick. It's like she knew exactly what I was thinking all the time.

One of her many nicknames was My Girl. I'd be lying on the couch and she'd be on top of me like in the picture below, sound asleep and I'd say, "I love my Girl" and she would immediately start purring. She knew just what I was saying.

Today has been a hard day because I've been home working at my computer and her space seems so empty. As her cancer progressed, it seemed like she wanted to be even closer to me. She would come out of her box and sit in front of my keyboard, making it impossible for me to type. I'd just hold her and she'd purr so loud. I'm convinced that she knew she was dying and like me, was treasuring every moment. It was such a gift to me to have her do this. How much I wish she were here stopping me from writing this post.

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Melissa said...

I hurt for you, Deb. I know how incredibly hard it is to lose such a beloved and constant companion. They are with us more than any other person is, so when they go, it leaves such an empty spot. You're much in my thoughts and prayers.