Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Pastel Box

Gil got me a pastel box for my birthday.  I got it all arranged and really want to leave it open in my studio, but I share it with my wonderful kitties, Leapy and Tootboy.  Strange names, I know.  Leapy's given name is Abigail, but she leaps. Tootboy's given name is Billy, but he has cute feet so became known as Toot Suite with the Cute Feet, which eventually got shortened to Tootboy. Anyway, I made a thick cardboard top to put over the pastel box to keep the cats out.  Of course they think this is a new spot for them.  So here's the box and Queen Leapy on top of it.


Sandy Byers said...

Oh what a lovely new pastel box (YUMMY) and it is arranged so nicely, too! I also really enjoy the photo of Queen Leapy who obviously owns whatever she chooses to leap upon (as it should be). Happy Painting! Sandy.

Deb Townsend said...

Thanks Sandy. Took awhile to arrange it. I did take greyscale the pic and I have a little more to do to get the values right. Almost! And yes, the Queen does own everything! Although she does share with her brother. :)