Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today's Pastels

I've not been painting much lately for family reasons, but things are getting back to normal so today I got into my pastels and had a blast just playing.

These are all done on 300 lb. hot press watercolor paper with 3 coats of Colorfix Primer. The squares are 10" x 10" and the others are 7" x 10". I used several brands of pastels. I'm getting a nice collection of together including the gorgeous Mt. Vision Thunderstorm set and some wonderful Terry Ludwigs that my dear hubby got me for our anniversary!  What fun.  Now I just need that pastel box I'm eyeing for my birthday.  :)


Christiane Kingsley said...

It's great to see you posting, Deb. These are all very nice, but the first one, the trees, is gorgeous: I love the colors!
Take care.

Randy Carboni said...

Great job Deb. Love the colors. Good to see you back to work.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Deb!! What a gift you have!! Lynda :~)

Deb Townsend said...

Christiane - thanks for stopping by. Glad you like them. I'm going to try a larger one with the trees. Have some more ideas. :)

Hey Randy, so good to see you. It's good to be painting again. My brother-in-law had been very ill and finally passed away. I've been helping my sister so my painting time has been limited.

Lynda, so nice to have you stop in and take a look. Glad you like them!