Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Annie

Today it's been one year since my Annie died. I still miss her so much and think about her all the time. I miss the way she was always with me, following me, never leaving me alone. I miss her sleeping on my chest every night. I miss her being next to my computer in her box whenever I was working. She was perfect in every way and there will never be another like her.

I'm very grateful for my new babies, Leapy and Sweet Face, who have done much to ease me through the grieving process. They are working hard to fill the void. I adore them and they're just what I've needed. I think Annie would like them. I can imagine her playing with them...she could be so kittenish at times.

Annie, I will always love you. My girl.


Cindi said...

deb.. hugs and good thoughts to you and annie...she was a pretty special gal!!

deborah kirby said...

I know the feeling of that void.

Hugs to you.


i do know this pain and how you must miss this dear little fur companion.