Saturday, March 28, 2009

Peep Surgery

Easter's almost here and while it is a spiritual holiday for me, I still love peeps.... stale ones. I usually open the package and let them sit for a day before I eat them.

One of my favorite websites is Peep Surgery. It's an oldy but goody. Make sure you check out all the phases. Too funny.


Merle said...

You know Deb, I must have been 40 years old before I ever heard the term "Peeps" and didn't know what they were till then. They are good--fresh or stale--of course anything sweet is good, right.

Randy Carboni said...

Ha, my daughter loves peeps. I'll have to show her this site.

Deb Townsend said...

Merle, we always got some in our Easter baskets, so I've always loved them. But you're right....sweet is good!!! LOL!

Randy, hope your daughter enjoys it. I used to work as a vet tech, so it was right up my alley!