Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On our art website, Painting Friends, one of our members, Desiree, set up a challenge for us.

She took a photograph and divided it into 10 sections and sent one piece to each of us who were participating. None of us saw the whole pic, just our piece.

We painted our pieces in watercolor and sent a pic back to Desiree, who assembled the final painting.

So here's the painting and the ref pic. My piece is the 4th one down on the left side. What do you think?


Nita said...

What a clever idea. It's amazing how well it turned out, considering differences in styles and palettes. That might be fun to do in my watercolor class.

Nick said...

Cool Deb, there's a woman named Nancy Standlee that belong to a group that does this kind of collaboration regularly. Lots of wonderful stuff on your blog, I'm always impressed by your ability to come up with great textures and gorgeous color. It's exciting to look at, and the w/c world is in dire need of that - thank you for fighting the good fight!

Deb Townsend said...

Nita, we had fun doing it and will be doing more for sure. I'll bet your class will enjoy it.

Nick, I'm familiar with Nancy Standlee's group and their stuff is just amazing! A whole different level.. I'll have to let the PF gang see their stuff. Thanks for your kind comments about my work. They mean a lot coming from you. You know how much I love your work and respect your opinion! What an encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Well done! It's a great exercise. Works well with pencil drawing too. I watched the video and I might show it to one of my classes. Thanks!

~Babs said...

I think this is amazing!
And,,,,I think it would be difficult!
Watercolor is not my thing though, so it's always hard to me.
I do enjoy looking at other's wc work,,,and love when they use bold vibrant color.

Deb Townsend said...

Thanks Roberta, I'm sure your class will enjoy Nita's video. I have her books if you ever want to take a look.

Hi Babs! We had such a good time doing it. Everyone is anxious to do another! Feel free to pop into Painting Friends and join us! Maybe I'll suggest to Desiree that we do a mixed media one.

Angela said...

I love this - really love the idea!

My first thought is that I would like to see this applied to artists with radically different styles and see how it looks put together.

Hmmm...love to paint large, but it is rarely practical for me...

This has just flooded my brain with ideas!

Thanks for sharing it!

Randy Carboni said...

Very cool project.