Monday, August 11, 2008

Tonight I was making some pieces that I'll tear up and use for a collage once I get the new acrylic medium supplies I've ordered. I was using watercolor paper, acrylic inks, India inks, water and alcohol. I was really having fun spraying the paper, dropping in the color and squirting it more, rolling it around, hitting with the alcohol. Got some cool stuff.

So I find these 2 colors that I'm really liking together...Antelope and Indigo acrylic ink. I grab a 5" x 7" Aquabord and here's the result. These 2 colors only, no brushes used, only the dropper from the ink bottles and the water and alcohol spray bottles. What do you think?


Holly Lombardo said...

GREAT colors...reminds me SO much of the week I just spent in MAIne!!!

Deb Townsend said...

Holly so good to hear from you! I thought of you and Maine when I painted this!!! Glad you like it. Hope your summer exhibitions are going well. :)