Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trying out Aquabord

These are little 6x6 abstracts done on Aquabord. I've wanted to try it and it's pretty cool. Lifts quite well with a scrubber.

I used some cheesecloth on the first one and the webbing spray (way too thick in the one spot) on the other.


Her Eye Zone Art said...

Beautiful! But what is this web spray? What is the Aquaboard like?

Deb Townsend said...

Glad you like them, Anita! Thanks!

The webbing spray is made by Krylon. While the can doesn't say, I think it's acrylic. I'm calling them today to find out if it's light fast and what it actually is! It comes in black, white, gold and silver. It comes out of the can very fast so you're better off standing at a distance. The black blob here was because I was way too close, just trying it at my table to throw some down quickly...and it shows! LOL! After VBS is over, I'm going to do a demo on Painting Friends.

The Aquabord is fun. I like the way it absorbs the water and it seems to allow for blending in ways that feel different from the paper. This is my first time using it and last night I ordered some more. I'm loving it for the abstracts, which I'm really in the mood for these days. I want to try some of the texture experiments on it and maybe even some collage.

Her Eye Zone Art said...

Thanks for all the information Deb. You're definitely on to something!

I think you're right. All the Krylon products are acrylic. At least the ones I have bought have been acrylic.
I've got to try that webbing. So cool! :)