Saturday, June 21, 2008

Texture Experiments

Last night I was playing with cheese cloth, seeing how it responded laying it on while the paper is wet. Some I spritzed with water, some I dropped in more color. Some I washed away more color by spritzing when it was dry.
These were inspired by Karlyn Holman's book Watercolor-The Spirit of Spontaneity, which I just love. It's full of fantastic ideas.

I really like all the effects and I think they'll be really cool in a large landscape and mixed with other things like waxed paper and web spray. Because the cheese cloth is such a loose weave, I'll be able to move the fibers around into cool shapes, which I didn't do here. Think I'm going to try a landscape on a half sheet later today and see what happens!

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Her Eye Zone Art said...

That's a great effect Deb!

I'm so sorry about your kitty. She was beautiful. I have cats of my own and lost one last year. He was 17. ((Hugs))