Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Texture Experiments

I tried to paint with the kittens tonight for the first time and it was just not happening! Impossible! Had to kick them out of the studio.

I got some new Daniel Smith Primateks (just love how they granulate) and the new DB Sand and Surf Triad. Thought some might look good with the white web spray. I also used a sheet I already had sprayed with black and gold web spray...used too much spray on that one, but it's just an experiment, so it's ok. :) Used some cheesecloth and waxed paper on the last ones too. Here are full pics and some close ups.


Kate said...

These are all so beautiful. My attempts at painting are usually no go. I stick to my Cinderella coloring books!
My favorite by far is the one at the top, the blue/almost purplish one. It looks like the sea, complete with white caps, sea spray and the sky above it. So beautiful.

Deb Townsend said...

Glad you like them Sweetie! I'll paint you one! When are you going to be in town again???

Kate said...

I would love an original Deb Townsend! I can hang it in my new apartment which will desperately need some decoration. I'm actually driving home tomorrow after church. I'll be home until the end of August, so we should definitly try and get together.

Deb Townsend said...

You got it! I'm working on one for you!

Give me a buzz and we'll get together. Eric will be home in August too. We can all go out for dinner.

Are you working for Dad this summer?